Aerosol Cans as a Resource, Not Waste

The DeSpray aerosol recycling system converts an otherwise impossible waste stream into a true circular economy. 100% recycling

How DeSpray Works

Complete Aerosol Recycling for a Circular Economy

DeSpray’s patented aerosol recycling technology enables manufacturers, recycling facilities, and municipal waste management sites to recycle aerosol cans and recover 100% of the liquid, gas, and metal contents in a way that is not only safe and sustainable, but profitable.

+15 Billion

+15 Billion aerosol spray cans are introduced into our environment each and every year

Up to 25%

5% – 25% of an “empty” aerosol’s contents remain in the can


of those cans can be recycled safely and at a profit

How DeSpray Works

Containerized Aerosol Recycling Systems Configured to Meet Your Requirements

DeSpray’s in-house engineering team designs custom spray can recycling solutions to meet the unique infrastructure and specific regulatory requirements of aerosol fillers and recyclers around the world.

Custom Designs

In-house engineering team designs & manufactures custom spray can recycling systems to meet all regulatory requirements. Each system is built to ATEX, CE. or UL parameters as a complete operating assembly. Basically, a miniature factory.

Safe Workplaces

Patented closed-loop system continuously ensures a safe, non-explosive atmosphere at all times (ATEX, CE & UL-compliant). Certified by Llyods.

Ongoing Support

On-site installation, training, maintenance, and continuous aftermarket support team with over 30 years of industry experience. We can remote monitor and change parameters anywhere in the World.

Let’s build a circular economy.

Contact us to learn more about the DeSpray aerosol recycling system or to obtain a quotation for installation. Our team will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Aerosol Recycling News


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In this short video, Mike MacKay from DeSpray briefly explains where the real sting of the problem lies and how easily aerosol cans with residual materials can be 100% recycled. Waste-to-energy with DeSpray! Mike MacKay has been on a mission for years. A spray can mission. Since DeSpray launched 100% recycling for aerosol cans years […]

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