DeSpray is the world’s first aerosol can recycling system that recovers recyclable metal and reusable alternative and liquid fuels from spray cans for waste-to-energy and 100% landfill diversion. The de-packing “densifier” separates and removes both the propellant and liquid and saves them in separate containment tanks. An enclosed, anti-explosive chamber equipped with oxygen-monitoring sensors that protects your workers as well as the environment.

How to Safely Dispose of Aerosol Spray Cans with DeSpray

  1. The cans go into a hopper with an airtight, inert chamber. The DeSpray can be loaded by one person working alone; the only pre-sorting necessary is removal of large metal and unwanted foreign objects.
  2. Cans are compressed under vacuum into dry, metal bricks for recycling. The cans’ liquid and gas contents are extracted and transferred into collection tanks for further processing. Closed-loop electronics monitor to ensure that no oxygen is present in the process chamber, which eliminates the possibility of explosions.
  3. Vacuum and compression technologies capture and separate the liquid waste products and gas propellants, which can then be reused as alternative fuels. Mechanical safety gas “over-pressure” relief valves are installed in all gas lines and components.
  4. Patented technologies further compress gas propellants into purified liquid fuels, similar to liquid petroleum gas. DeSpray’s proprietary system transforms these gases into liquid gas form using the most efficient method possible.

Protecting You and the Environment

A typical post-consumer or spent aerosol contains up to 15% of its original contents, with to 25% of the aerosol propellant locked within liquid molecules. Traditional recycling methods, including shredding, puncturing, crushing, and incineration, release these greenhouse causing gases into the atmosphere. DeSpray’s patented closed-loop system puts an end to these dangerous emissions and prevents aerosol can explosions.

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Let’s build a circular economy.

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