19-05-2022 May 30 to June 3, 2022Holland PavilionBooth number B4.305/404See you in Munich! In the current circular economy, we want to reuse residual materials as much as possible instead of exhausting finite stocks of raw materials. We want to reuse, refurbish and recycle existing materials and products for as long as possible. In this economic and industrial system, it is increasingly important to consider sustainable options. Visit the world’s leading trade fair and step into the future at IFAT Munich. Find the solutions of the future here, such as the DeSpray recycling system. IFAT Munich welcomes you to the future IFAT is the […]
  • DeSpray Environmental Unveils State-of-the-Art Aerosol Recycling Technology at US Ecology
    Boise, ID – September 9, 2020 – US Ecology, Inc., (the “Company”) [NASDAQ: ECOL] the environmental services leader with over 65 years of experience solving complex waste challenges for customers across North America, is proud to be the first and only company in the U.S. now offering Aerosol Recycling Technology (ART), a 100% sustainable solution for aerosol waste that produces recyclable metal, reusable alternative and liquid fuels and is landfill free with zero emissions.
  • Aerosol gas cleaning technology: 20 years in the making
    With more than 20 years of experience in machine building and aerosol recycling, DeSpray Environmental has developed innovative new technology to tackle the environmental issues surrounding waste aerosols. The company’s systems capture waste aerosol propellants and recompress the gas back to a liquid state for 100% reuse as an alternative fuel. In this article, Mike MacKay, managing director of DeSpray Environmental, discusses plans to convert waste aerosol propellants into biogas.
  • US Ecology partners with DeSpray Environmental
    US Ecology’s new Aerosol Recycling Technology was delivered in partnership with DeSpray to tackle this challenging waste stream. DeSpray’s system processes 100% of the waste aerosol can, including propellants, for complete recycling. The firm has more than 35 years of experience in machine building and aerosol recycling. Its systems re-compress gas back into liquid for 100% reuse as an alternative fuel, so no harmful gases are released into the atmosphere.
  • Announcing: Exclusive Dubai partner for GCC
    Exclusive Dealer announcement for GCC Region! Despray environment are excited to announce our newest partner for 100% Aerosol technology in the Gulf Coast Countries.
  • DeSpray Environmental at GLOBE 2020 in Vancouver
    DeSpray Environmental will be exhibiting at GLOBE 2020 in Vancouver. Please feel welcome to visit us and get all the news about our newest aerosol technologies.
  • First USA installation for DeSpray Aerosol Recycling!
    DeSpray recently installed their first aerosol recycling system in the USA at a HAZ waste recycling customer. The installation of the 20 foot containerized system, was done within 6 days! With off-course a happy customer.
  • Owner DeSpray finalist at Engineer of the Year in the Netherlands at KIVI
    Owner DeSpray finalist at Engineer of the Year in the Netherlands at KIVI.
  • Introducing Food Fuel
    Food Fuel Despray Environmental are working diligently to introduce “Food Fuel” from Waste. Aerosol cans are pressurized with gas propellants. at the end of life there is trapped gases remaining in the cans. Despray technology captures the gas and recompresses it into a usable liquid LPG state similar to BBQ fuel. The gas is then treated and can be used for waste to energy via a generator or in some cases replaces organic and gas fuels. The health and environmental impact of burning wood and other organics indoors is a big problem.the amount of valuable cooking Fuel that can be […]
  • DeSpray at Pollutec 2018 Lyon
    DeSpray Environmental will be exhibiting at Pollutec #Pollutec2018. Please feel free to visit us at Hall 4 Booth 4-E100 on Dutch Pavillion. Want to experience our #Aerosol #Recycling #System as if you where in it, with our AR-App (Augmented Reality). #Very #Cool #Experience. Looking forward to meet you there!
  • Exclusive dealership announcement for Australia & New Zealand!
    Press Release: Almelo, Netherlands Exclusive dealership announcement for Australia & New Zealand! About Despray B.V Despray B.V is a sister company of the Boessenkool B.V/ O.E.M group.  The company was recently chosen out of 10,000 applicants and was awarded “Most innovative company in Netherlands”. The Despray technology boasts the World’s first and only containerized Aerosol recycling technology. Not only does this technology stand alone as a comprehensive turnkey Aerosol recycling system, but it also has state of the art safety features and Gas purification technology. 100% of the liquids, gases and the metal can be recycled. Despray M.D. Mike MacKay […]
  • IFAT showcase
    IFAT Invite Join us at the IFAT show in Munich May 14 – May 18, 2018 We will be showcasing the Worlds only containerized Aerosol recycling technology at the IFAT show. Don’t miss out on our exclusive Augmented reality demonstration. We will take you through our system as if you were an aerosol can yourself. (certain restrictions apply). We will also be making some  announcements at the show in regards to our newest technologies. You won’t want to miss this one. we hope to see you there. For further information or to book an appointment go to www.despray.com or email […]
  • DeSpray Environmental at the IFAT exhibition in München
    DeSpray will be attending the IFAT exhibition in Müchen on 14-18 May 2018! On this exhibition DeSpray will show her newest aerosol recycling machine!This is worlds most compact and efficient recycling machine.The system operates in a 100% closed loop. So no air pollution anymore. On the show you will be able to walk around and through the machine by means of AR (Augmented Reality App) as if you where on site recycling real aerosol cans yourself! All features are there and all gas, liquid and metal streams can be followed!!
  • Wanna do FOAM Recycling Equipment? Yes we can.
    DeSpray will be coming up with a new design aerosol recycling system suitable for FOAM Recycling! Foam Recycling Equipment made available by DeSpray Environmental, a OEM-Group.com company. www.oem-group.com Want to hear more about it, or want to be informed on the progress? Watch our news page now and then to keep uptodate, www.despray.com/blog Send us an e-mail with your contact details. Best regards, The Environmental TeamDeSpray
  • Exciting news: Mobile Aerosol Recycling Equipment coming up very soon!
    The DeSpray Environmental Team is working on again a very exciting and interesting project.Soon the brand new and mind-blowing Mobile Aerosol Recycling Equipment will concur the world! A fully containerized system or equipment and ready to wheel to the next recycling stop. Imagine how many fuel you’ll be saving by not traveling around with all this air and volume! Look at www.despray.com for more information. DeSpray Environmental is a OEM-Group.com company. www.oem-group.com Equipment is built is The Netherlands. Here is a sneak preview:
  • Puncturing and emptying Aerosol cans
    Puncturing and emptying Aerosol cans Puncturing and draining Aerosol cans to atmosphere is not the answer. We at Despray environmental have been designing and manufacturing aerosol recycling systems for 20 years. These are not the typical crushing, puncturing or shredding solutions. Those technologies are readily available, but are unsafe and certainly not good for the environment if they don’t capture the products for complete reuse or waste to energy solutions. Over 15 Billion cans enter the market every year. Despite what may seem and always written about as empty cans it has been recorded that on average approx. 15% of […]
  • DeSpray Environmental
    We care about your future environment!
  • A sustainable environment starts with you
    We from DeSpray Environmental care about the future of our environment. That’s why we developed an Aerosol Recycling System, that recycles your aerosols within a 100% closed loop system. All gasses, fluids and metals are separated by the system into three individual materials to be available to re-use again as both raw materials and waste-to-energy sources. Liquid fuel, LPG gasses, and Metals.