DeSpray Environmental is harnessing waste aerosol propellants and turning them into biogas.

With more than 20 years of experience in machine building and aerosol recycling, DeSpray Environmental has developed innovative new technology to tackle the environmental issues surrounding waste aerosols. The company’s systems capture waste aerosol propellants and recompress the gas back to a liquid state for 100% reuse as an alternative fuel. In this article, Mike MacKay, managing director of DeSpray Environmental, discusses plans to convert waste aerosol propellants into biogas.

DeSpray Environmental has been on a continuous journey of engineering and design to create a safe and effective aerosol recycling system. However, as a side effect of ever-increasing efficiency in our systems, the amount of gas captured also increased proportionately. Finding a waste to energy solution could only be successful if the gas is cleaned enough not to damage secondary waste to energy equipment.

Capturing these gases has now been mastered; however, it has created another even tougher problem. As a result of improved efficiency, more gases…