DeSpray has grown rapidly since its foundation in 2018. After 5 years, the unique DeSpray system is highly appreciated internationally and DeSpray continues to grow and innovate worldwide in order to continue to meet all future requirements and wishes.

DeSpray in the Netherlands
In the past two years, a lot has been set in motion to also place DeSpray closer to home in the Netherlands, and this was achieved last year at the location in Almelo. An additional advantage for us as DeSpray is that in this way we have even faster access and more direct insight into the user experience; from start-up to first commissioning and all future developments. The introduction of the DeSpray system in the Netherlands is an ultimate example of sustainability, continuous improvement and efficiency.

DeSpray in the world
Our current customer base is located in a large number of countries: Canada, United States, Great Britain, Spain and the Netherlands. In addition, there are many pending applications such as Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, France, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Indonesia.

Aerosol 100% recycle
An aerosol can is never empty after use and continues to contain gas or liquid. These aerosols are explosive and the contents left behind are bad for the environment. DeSpray can safely, cost-effectively and 100% recycle all aerosol cans. This not only benefits the environment, but is also profitable for manufacturers, recycling facilities and municipal waste management sites.

Grow with DeSpray
DeSpray is the solution for those who want to recycle aerosol optimally. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the DeSpray system, completed projects and returns.