Puncturing and emptying Aerosol cans

Puncturing and draining Aerosol cans to atmosphere is not the answer. We at Despray environmental have been designing and manufacturing aerosol recycling systems for 20 years. These are not the typical crushing, puncturing or shredding solutions. Those technologies are readily available, but are unsafe and certainly not good for the environment if they don’t capture the products for complete reuse or waste to energy solutions.

Over 15 Billion cans enter the market every year. Despite what may seem and always written about as empty cans it has been recorded that on average approx. 15% of content remains in discarded or “post-consumer” cans. That is not empty. Even if some of the cans seem to be empty they still have compressed gas inside and remains of the liquid content. Multiptly that by 15 Billion and you can see that we have a huge problem that seems to be looked over. This is one of our industries best kept secrets.

There is a solution and it doesn’t involve puncturing and emptying the can to atmosphere. 100% recycling of aerosols and there 3 contents, Gas, Liquid and Metal is the best way to recycle these cans. This can only be accomplished by processing aerosols in a closed and controlled environment that captures all 3 products for 100% recycling. Here’s the catch. We have that solution.

The solution

At Despray our “Best Available Technology” allows for safe recycling of aerosol cans in a non-explosive atmosphere. This can only be done in a closed system that recaptures the gas and compresses it back into a liquid fuel to be used for waste to energy. The 3 Bi products are all available for recycling and waste to energy. This can essentially convert the Hazardous waste back to 100% recycled products. In some jurisdictions, these waste streams will convert from a Haz waste requiring a manifest to a 100% recycled for waste to energy product that could possibly be transported by a simple Bill of lading.

The solution is here. If you want to see and read more about this World class technology Check us out at www.despray.com or write us directly at sales@despray.com