UL 14, 2020

US Ecology partners with DeSpray Environmental

US Ecology, a leading provider of environmental services to commercial and government entities, has partnered with DeSpray Environmental, based in the Netherlands, to offer a 100% aerosol recycling service.

US Ecology’s new Aerosol Recycling Technology was delivered in partnership with DeSpray to tackle this challenging waste stream. DeSpray’s system processes 100% of the waste aerosol can, including propellants, for complete recycling.

The firm has more than 35 years of experience in machine building and aerosol recycling. Its systems re-compress gas back into liquid for 100% reuse as an alternative fuel, so no harmful gases are released into the atmosphere.

Mike MacKay, managing director of DeSpray Environmental, said: “DeSpray Environmental is proud to partner with US Ecology to tackle the aerosol recycling market in the US.

“Over 3.7 billion spray cans enter the market each year. US Ecology and DeSpray Environmental joined forces to offer a 100% waste-to-energy solution for one of the toughest waste streams in the US.”

You can view US Ecology’s promotional video for its Aerosol Recycling Technology service here.

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