In the current circular economy, we want to reuse, refurbish and recycle existing materials and products for as long as possible. In this economic and industrial system, we want to reuse residual materials as much as possible instead of exhausting finite stocks of raw materials. In this circular economy, also known as the circular economy, it is increasingly important to consider sustainable options. With DeSpray aerosol recycling machines we have the possibility to completely recycle aerosol, such as aerosol cans.

What is DeSpray?
More than 15 billion aerosol cans end up in our environment every year. 5% to 25% of the content of these ’empty’ aerosol cans remains in the can. With DeSpray, 100% of those aerosols can be recycled safely and cost-effectively. This provides benefits for the environment and for the user of DeSpray. DeSpray’s patented aerosol recycling technology enables manufacturers, recycling facilities and municipal waste management sites, for example, to recycle aerosols and recover 100% of their liquid, gas and metal contents in a way that is not only safe and sustainable, but also profitable.

The origin of DeSpray
The basis of DeSpray is the can press. The question was whether something like the can press could also be made for steel aerosol cans. This seemed like a simple question, but the answer turned out to be a lot more complex. After all, aerosols are explosive and the contents are often not good for the environment. An aerosol is actually never empty and always contains gas or liquid. In other words, quite a challenge. The machine that was developed was initially a fairly large installation. After a conversation with our Canadian partner, it was therefore decided to develop further and to build the machine more compact, even safer and more advanced. This new machine is now a fact and a great success. DeSpray is now sold all over the world.

Currents developments of DeSpray
The development of DeSpray does not stand still. Because more and more waste has to be recycled, DeSpray could not lag behind in this trend in the market. DeSpray continues to innovate continuously. Not only can aerosol cans be completely recycled, with 100% recovery of metal, liquid and gas. The next step is now also being taken and that is further cleaning of the gases that come out of the installation, so that they can then be used without any problems in a gas engine or turbine to generate electricity, but also to generate heat, for example.

DeSpray’s engineering team designs and manufactures custom aerosol recycling solutions. This is to meet the unique infrastructure and specific legal requirements of aerosol manufacturers and waste processors worldwide. That is why every system is built according to the locally applicable standards, including CE, ATEX, PED or UL, U-Stamp certifications.

Safely dispose of aerosols with DeSpray
1. The aerosols are dumped into a hopper by an elevator, after which they fall into an airtight, explosion-proof chamber. DeSpray can be operated by one person alone.
2. The aerosols are explosion-safely compressed into metal briquettes, which are reused to make steel. The liquid and gas contents of the cans are extracted by applying high pressure and then separated into liquid and gas through a number of steps. After this, they are stored in collecting tanks for further processing. Electronic monitoring and a fully closed cycle ensures that there are no emissions to the environment.
3. Patented technologies prevent emissions, ensure a highly safe system and avoid extreme temperature problems during aerosol processing.
4. DeSpray’s patented gas cleaning system cleans the gases so well that they can be used for gas engines, gas turbines and heating systems.

DeSpray in the future
A circular economy in which the maximum amount of materials and energy is obtained from waste, that is the future. Re-use and recycling are central to getting everything out of it and separating it. DeSpray wants to remain a leader in the recycling of aerosol cans. To this end, we are continuously working hard to improve the machines to make it easier, more efficient and safer to disassemble the aerosol cans. In this way, gases and, at a later stage, also the liquids, can be cleaned and split even better, so that materials are even more suitable for reuse. In addition to improving the machines, we also develop other variants and types of machines. This includes machines of different sizes for different throughput volumes or machines for recycling full aerosol cans. Since things sometimes go wrong when producing aerosols and a full aerosol is thrown away. It is a lot more difficult to process these full aerosol cans, since there is more liquid, but also more gas in the can. It is, of course, better to make these buses 100% recyclable. At the moment, these full aerosols still mainly end up in incinerators or on waste heaps, so with a view to waste and the environment, we are working hard on other options and more possibilities. In the future, other packaging containing combustible materials will also be able to be recycled.

Building a circular economy
Do you want to build a circular economy with us and do you also want to be able to recycle aerosol cans? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the DeSpray aerosol recycling system and give you tailor-made advice.